ROADLAB’s Soils Laboratory offers clients numerous basic and advanced soil and gravel tests. Soil or gravel testing assists with the evaluation of soil properties to engineering requirements in terms of bearing capacity, material durability and robustness.


As an established, trustworthy testing facility, ROADLAB is positioned to provide accurate selection and verification of materials in aggregates used in concrete and asphalt on which shape, hardness and durability properties are assessed.


ROADLAB is positioned to carry out some of the most specialised asphalt testing in South Africa, adding value not only through the contribution of our resources, but through innovation and accredited best practice methodology.


During the construction process various quality standards need to be met to ensure all materials used in the building process meet the high standards of the building industry.


ROADLAB has been providing professional materials laboratory services to the civil engineering, construction and mining industries in sub-Saharan Africa since 1965, serving private, government and municipal sectors.

We are an accredited, independent testing laboratory which has gained a solid industry leader reputation as a result of our excellent service and customer focused solutions.

ROADLAB offers state-of-the-art facilities where standardised testing methods ensure products and samples are accurately tested, validated and comprehensive reporting delivered against SANAS accredited specifications.

Through our sound reputation in large scale civil engineering and construction materials testing, the company with its head offices in Germiston, Gauteng has grown from strength to strength.

ROADLAB has been at the forefront of providing expertise through our wide variety of materials testing facilities to engineering firms, consulting engineering companies, government agencies, construction companies, legal professionals and insurance companies across the African continent.

ROADLAB has evolved over the years to be recognized for our advancements in civil engineering and construction materials testing services, linked to quality that ultimately facilitates productive contributions to projects in all economic sectors. The company is continually improving and diversifying our knowledge, technical expertise and leveraging the abilities of our laboratories through innovative diagnostic technologies in order to consistently deliver exceptional value and credible results to our clients.

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